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Month: April 2012

Around the Blogs 4/30/2012

The spiritual discipline of sleep by Dr. D.A. Carson Reflections on the life of Isaac Newton by Dr. John Piper Some Personal Musings on Christian Service by Dr. Fred...

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Weekly Roundup 4/22-4/28/2012

This is our weekly roundup of posts for 4/22-4/28/2012. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts. Sunday 4/22/2012- A Prompt Obedience a quoted shared by Aaron Armstrong: Monday 4/23/2012- Blessed are the peacemakers by Dave Jenkins Tuesday 4/24/2012- Headship, Chauvinism, Culture and Service Part 2 Wed 4/25/2012-  Book Review A Faith of our own Reviewed by Dan Darling: Thursday 4/26/2012- Meet the Skeptics Reviewed by Dave Jenkins Friday 4/27/2012-  5 leadership Lessons I’ve learned in 4 years by Dan Darling Saturday 4/28/2012-  Book Review Gospel-Centered Discipleship Reviewed by Ricky...

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Around the Blogs 4/28/2012

Arousing ourselves to death: Porn is Ravaging our churches by Dr. Moore Seven Ways to Pray for your prayer life by Tim Challies A Call and and Agenda for Pastor Theologians by Dr. Sweeney We encourage you to check out the G3 conference coming in January 2013. We will be posting more information about this conference throughout the year, but for now encourage you to pray for the conference.  The purpose of the G3 Conference is to exhort Christians to become grounded in sound doctrine and to be passionate missionaries for Christ. The purpose of the G3 Conference is to create a blaze in the hearts of those who attend – by the Word of God – to shake the neighborhoods and the nations with the gospel of King Jesus.  Check out their website at

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Around the Blogs 4/27/2012

Chuck Colson and Hope for the next generation by Dan Darling: Would Jesus have a Facebook Page? By Dr. Michael Horton: The Pastors Wife is simply a wife by Scott Thomas Lecrae’s ‘Man Up’ Mission to Address Father Absence by Justin Taylor

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5 Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned in 4 Years

I’m nearing my fourth years as Senior Pastor at Gages Lake Bible Church, which means I’m just beginning. I’m still learning. John Maxwell need not fear. I won’t be dethroning him from the position of Leadership Guru anytime soon. However, being on the job has taught me a few things about leadership, especially for young guys. Some of these lessons I’ve learned the hard way, others through the wise mentoring of older men. Here are five: 1) Young Leaders Must Resist the “push-off” model of ministry.  In their book, Sifted, Larry Osborne, Francis Chan, and Wayne Cordeiro talk about the tendency of young leaders to get their leadership energy by “pushing off” the perceived mistakes of other ministry models. They use the example of an Olympic Swimmer, who gains forward thrust by pushing off the pool wall. For leaders, it could be their legalistic, fundamentalist background that they despise, so every decision is made through the lens of how their parents or pastors or professors “got it wrong.” Or it could be the desire to be distinct in your community, so you’re going to sell yourself as the “only” version of your ministry in town. I’ve also seen the tendency to “pendulum-swing.” So if the staff culture you left was very lax, you’re tending to enforce a more rigid culture. Or if the staff culture you left was too rigid, you’re “the grace...

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