Servants of Grace is a multi-media ministry that exists to help people know the God of the Bible and equip God’s people to grow in His grace as they serve in the local church and beyond.

Resource to the Local Church

Servants of Grace Ministries does not seek to take anyone out of the context of the local Church. We exist to support and strengthen the local and global Church. The content provided here on this website is not meant to replace one going to their local Church and living in community with other believers. The resources on this website are meant to supplement the preaching and teaching of your local Church not to replace them. We do acknowledge there are rare cases where people with illnesses, disease, or some other cases where people may not be able to attend a local congregation. We as a ministry per the Scriptures teaching insist that believers gather together at a local Church to hear and live under the preached Word and qualified godly male leadership.

Training Future Leaders

Servants of Grace exists to aid the local Church in its mission of reaching out to the lost and broken with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  To this end, we exist to support the local Church by training future leaders for service in and to the Church through our podcast, sermons, articles, magazine, coaching, and whatever other means the Lord would grant to us.

If you have further questions about the work of this ministry do not hesitate to contact us at

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