Six Ways to Use Our Website, Why It Matters, and How You Can Help Us 2

Six Ways to Use Our Website, Why It Matters, and How You Can Help Us

One of the most humbling things is when people contact me to let me know how the Lord is using Servants of Grace in their lives. That we get to be a part at all in the Lord’s work is a privilege, an honor, and should humble us.In this article, I want to outline six ways you can use our website and encourage you at the end to join us either in prayer, sharing our content, or to write for us. These are the six of the most popular (though not in order) ways people visit our website. In addition, I share about how the Gospel is the heartbeat of our ministry towards the end.

Book Reviews

If you are new to our website you might have noticed that we post a lot of reviews. In fact, we post a review Monday through Saturday. That adds up to over two hundred reviews a year. Yes, that’s a lot. Check out our book reviews here.


I have the honor of leading our podcast Equipping You in Grace. The purpose of our podcast is to interview authors and to provide helpful discussion on a variety of important theological and practical topics inside and outside the Church.You can check out our podcast by subscribing to our podcast feed, on Stitcher, or on Itunes.

Theology for Life

Theology for Life is our online magazine. Our purpose with this magazine is to help lay people understand a variety of biblical-theological, practical, and social issues.If you haven’t check out our previous issues on issues like the doctrine of Scripture, the person and work of Christ, abortion, and more, you can do so here


We are living in changing and challenging times. We want to help you learn how to contend, defend, and explain a Christian worldview. On the apologetics side of our website we regularly address a wide variety of cultural, social, and worldview issues. Check out our apologetic content here.


Over the years, we have posted a lot of sermons from pastors such as Brian Cosby among others. Currently, we are studying the 1 Samuel. Check out the rest of our sermons here.


At the heart of everything we do is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is why you’ll notice if you look at our navigation menu that the major aspects of our site start with the Gospel. The major categories of our site are: What is the Gospel?, the Gospel and the Christian Life, the Gospel and the Church, and the Gospel and the Ministry. Since as Dr. Tim Keller said, the Gospel is the A to Z of Christianity—we believe that it is our duty to help people see the connection between the Gospel,our daily lives, and how to do ministry to the glory of God.

What This Means for You

You might be wondering now, “What does this mean for me the reader or listener?” Some of you are new to our website. You’ve come to us through social media, at the recommendation of a friend, or perhaps your pastor requested that you visit our site. You might even not be new to our site and had no idea we had all these resources for you on our site. Wherever you are on that spectrum today, we consider it an honor that you’ve come to our website and pray that you’ll be helped and equipped as you read our articles and reviews, and listen to the content on our website.Servants of Grace exists to be a resource to the local church through the preaching of God’s Word, spiritual growth, and training future leaders. We do this through the above mediums I’ve outlined.We are an international multimedia ministry. We reach into 200 countries with our top countries being the United States, Russia, China, and India among many others. We’ve been very blessed to build established relationships for many years now with publishers like B&H, B&H Academic, Cruciform Press, Crossway, New Growth Press, P&R, and Zondervan to name only a few.In each area of our ministry, we are striving to help the church. We are not the new kid on the block. We’ve been around since August 2000. We have over 5,000 resources on our website designed to help you grow in your walk with God and ministry.We have seen the trends and understand the issues going on in our day not only in our culture but in our local churches. We seek to address these issues with grace and truth for the purpose of coming alongside pastors, ministry leaders, and lay people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel is the only hope for our world. God desires to use ordinary you in powerful ways for His glory.

We are Looking for You!

If you like what I’ve said here in this article might I encourage you to tell your friends, family, and others you know about us? Would you prayerfully consider telling others about us on social media and share our content on your social media channels?We desire to see a generation of people who are biblical illiterate learn the truth of Scripture. We want to see pastors and ministry leaders strengthened and refreshed in their service to the Lord. We want to see God continue to raise up more soldiers for the Gospel. We are committed to the seeing the Lord build healthy churches who are grounded firmly in biblical truth and proclaim the Gospel to the glory of God.All of this requires your involvement. If you are a Christian writer and enjoy writing high quality, biblical, practical, and personal articles we need you. Learn more here about our Guest Submission Guidelines. Get to know our writing team here.We covet your prayers as we seek to help people grow in their understanding of the Gospel for all of life. We thank you for your support and are honored that you continue to allow us into your home and lives.May the Lord bless you and keep you.Dave JenkinsExecutive Director, Servants of Grace Ministries