Month: October 2012

Book Review Dangerous Calling Confronting The Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry

Thousands and millions of books are written every year, and every year I regularly read over one hundred books but very few of those books published and even fewer of those that I read are diagnostic books that punch you in the gut (in a good way to bring conviction of sin) by pointing out the weaknesses in pastoral culture and church life in order to help pastors see clearly their blind spots and point them to growth in the grace of God. Thankfully Dr. Paul Tripp a seasoned Pastor and counselor knows this which is why he wrote Dangerous Calling Confronting The Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry. One of the more important trends I see happening in Christian publishing is an emphasize on Gospel centered growth in the grace of God. Added to this emphasis is a recent resurgence in books being published that emphasizes how the Pastor should be growing in the grace of God. Often such books on spiritual formation are written for the lay person so it encourages me when I see publishers like Christian Focus (who recently published Pastoring the Pastor) and now Crossway publishing Dangerous Calling addressing this issue in a way that doesn’t burden Pastors but confronts them with the Truth of God’s Word in order to help them see themselves as they are desperate needy sinners in need of Jesus and...

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Weekly Roundup 10/21-10/27/2012

This is our weekly roundup of posts for 10/21-10/27/2012. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts. Sunday 10/21-  Book Review The Creedal Imperative Reviewed by Dave Jenkins Monday 10/22- Book Review When your husband is addicted to pornography healing your wounded heart by Vicki Teade Tuesday 10/23- Dealing with unforgiveness by Dave Jenkins Wed 10/24-  Self-Deception, Darkness and the Light of Jesus Christ by Dave Jenkins Thursday 10/25-   Guilt, Condemnation, Shame and the Gospel by Dave Jenkins Friday 10/26-  Review of Popologetics by Dave Jenkins Saturday 10/27- 10 Things You can Do To Make Your Pastor’s Sermons Better by Jared...

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Book Review Ethics For A Brave New World 2nd Edition Updated and Expanded

Within our lifetimes developments in technology have brought staggering changes to the way people can be conceived, born, healed or die. And prospects for the future are as mind-boggling as what has already happened. Ethics intends to set forth what ought to be, not what is. But it should help us evaluate the rightness or wrongness of what is and tells us how to act in light of it. Unfortunately changes in what is in modern life have far outdistanced reflection upon how we ought to live in such a time. This seems to be especially true among Christian ethicists, though even secular ethicists disagree about how we should live in this changing world. Into this culture, Drs. Feinberg have written the 2nd edition of the classic Ethics For A Brave New World that addresses topics such as moral decision making and the Christian, abortion, euthanasia, capital punishment, birth control, homosexuality, genetic engineering, stem cell technology, divorce and remarriage, the Christian and war and the Christian and the secular state. The authors take their queue not from secular philosophy but from the Word of God. Christians are commanded to love their neighbors. In fulfilling that obligation one will undoubtedly consider whether a specific act in a particular situation is just and benevolent to the neighbor– to do so seems necessary in view of what it means to love someone....

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