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Month: August 2012

Book Review Christian Contours How A Biblical Worldview Shapes the Mind and Heart

Recent years have seen an increase in writing and speaking about how Christians are to have a biblical worldview and the importance of a biblical worldview. A biblical worldview that is the idea that Christians are to base what they believe on the Bible isn’t a new idea but a very old one. Jesus taught us to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” (Matthew 22:37) The heart, mind and strength are overlapping categories, and the idea is that we must have an integrated love, loving God with everything we are and everything we have, giving our whole selves to Him. In the helpful new book Christian Contours How A Biblical Worldview Shapes the Mind and Heart edited by Dr. Douglas S. Huffman helps to advance the discussion on what a biblical worldview is and why it matters. The purpose of the book is to “reacquaint all Christians with the basic of life claims that the historic Christian faith has about all of life in every era” (17). In other words, the approach of the authors in this book is to take an integrated approach to theology. In recent days, I’ve come to view theology this way myself as I’ve seen that we can become so focused on systematic or biblical theology that we neglect how theology...

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People You Shouldn’t Marry (Pt 4)

Don’t Be a Jezebel Lastly dear heart, as important as it is that you should not marry an Ahab, it is just as important that you should not be a Jezebel. Jezebel – Even the mere mention of the name conjures up images of a woman who is morally-loose. As a culture we associate Jezebel with the temptress, the sorceress, the seductress. There are vague impressions of too much makeup, of muslin veils and dimly-lit palaces. But, when it comes right down to it, Jezebel is really much simpler than that. Jezebel is probably a very nice girl to hang out with and it’s quite likely she goes to church. She has a normal family, and given time she will almost certainly marry, or at least date a good deal, because she is the kind of woman for which the Ahabs of the world are looking. First, Jezebel attains her self-worth and self-identity through idolatry. In ancient times, a person’s name carried great power and significance. It told you something about that person, and in a very real way it was their identity. Jezebel’s name, literally-translated from her native tongue, means “The Prince Baal Lives,” or “The Prince Baal Exists.” As I’m sure you know by now, Baal is a Canaanite fertility and weather god, worshiped by the same Syro-Phoenicean religion of which Jezebel’s own father was high priest...

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Book Giveaways to Note

There are several book giveaways going on throughout the blogosphere right now, and I wanted to highlight a few for your consideration. My friend Todd Gragg is giving away the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible over at his blog at Servants of Grace contributor and my friend Aaron Armstrong is giving away a personal library (two prize packs) over at his blog...

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Lord, Glorify Thyself in Us!

Charles Spurgeon, from The Pastor in Prayer: Lord, convert our friends that still remain unsaved. Oh, mighty power of God, let none come into this house, even accidentally and casually, without receiving some devout impression. May the Spirit of God work mightily by our ministry, and the ministration of all His servants now present, whether in the Sabbath school, or in the streets, or in the lodging-houses, or from door to door, or when they privately speak to individuals. Oh, glorify Thyself in us! Dear Saviour, we pray Thee come and mark us all distinctly with the blood mark, as being wholly Thine, and henceforth may we say with Paul, “Let no man trouble me; for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus.” As we have been buried with Thee by baptism into death, so would we be dead to all the world and only live for Christ. God grant it may be so, and we will glorify Thee in life, and death, and...

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