This is our weekly roundup of links for 5/28/2018-6/1/2018 from around the web. We hope you find the following articles helpful to your growth in godliness.

Articles from Around the Internet:

  1. TGC Course: Parenting: Equipping for Life
  2. Is There Hope In Our Cynical Age: An Interview with Dr. Jason Duesing over at Credo Magazine
  3. The Revoice Conference and the Hope of Every Sinner by Owen Strachan over at The Center for Public Theology.

The top twelve most read articles and media content on our website this past week.

  1. True Satisfaction Is in Jesus Alone by Justin Huffman.
  2. Jen Wilkin– In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character
  3. Fools Gold: The College Graduate’s Guide To Getting Ahead: A Baccalaureate Sermon from Psalm 33:12-22 by Mike Milton
  4. Hospitality and the Believer by Joey Tomlinson.
  5. Am I Deceived? Seven Marks of a True Christian by James Williams.
  6. Brian Hedges– With Jesus: Finding Your Place in the Story of Christ.
  7. Waiting for Youth Revival: Learning from Jonathan Edwards by Russell Allen
  8. How to Assure Our Hearts When We Doubt Our Salvation by Lara Dentremont
  9. Precision and Theological Language
  10. Discerning Truth from Error by Joey Tomlinson
  11. Love God, Love Others by Joey Tomlinson
  12. Assurance of Faith by Joey Tomlinson
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