Brian Hedges– With Jesus: Finding Your Place in the Story of Christ

Posted On May 31, 2018

On today’s episode of the Equipping You in Grace Podcast, Dave Jenkins talks with Brian Hedges about his book With Jesus: Finding Your Place in the Story of Christ (Shepherds Press, 2017)

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why Christians should learn to read the story of Jesus in the Gospel narratives in a gospel-centered way.
  • How the gospel testifies to the spiritual reality that has a profoundly Trinitarian shape.
  • How Jesus teaching in John 15 on the Vine helps Christians capture the essential teaching of Jesus on union with Christ.
  • How Jesus’ agony in the Garden reveals both the horror that waited him in the cup and the cross as well as the unfathomable love that led him to the Cross.
  • How Jesus’ temptation helps Christians understand Christ’s priestly work in their lives today.
  • The resurrection and its implications for Christians in the present and the future.
  • How the ascension helps Christians read the Gospels through ascension with Christ.
  • The Lord’s supper and it’s relationship to the Ascension of Christ.

About the Guest

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