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Attributes of God Series Recap

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Featured, The Attributes of God

attributes of godOver the month of July, we have posted many articles here at Servants of Grace as part of a series on the attributes of God. The purpose of this series is to help Christians think through what the attributes of God are and their importance to the Christian faith. To that end, the contributors have endeavored to help you understand what Scripture and church history teaches about the attributes of God are in order to help our readers grow in their understanding of the doctrine of God.

I hope this series has encouraged you, exalted in King Jesus, and has helped you grow in the grace of God.

Here are the articles in order:

1) What Are the Communicable Attributes of God? By Dave Jenkins

2) What Are the Incommunicable Attributes of God? by Dave Jenkins

3) The Goodness of God by Rick Hanna

4) God Is Love by Mike Boling

5) God’s Self Sufficiency: Embracing the Reality that God Doesn’t Need You by Brian Cosby

7) The Holiness of God: Awakening to His Character by Zach Barnhart

8) The Grace, Mercy, and Patience of God by Dave Jenkins

9) The Righteousness of God by Dave Jenkins

10) The Omniscience of God by Jason Garwood

11) The Omnipotence of God by Jason Helopoulos

12) Living In Light of God’s Justice by Mike Cooper

13) The Eternal God by Joey Cochran

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