This is our weekly roundup of links for 4/23/2018-4/27/2018 from around the web. We hope you find the following articles helpful to your growth in godliness.

Articles from Around the Internet:

  1. California’s Latest Thread To Religious Liberty and Free Speech by Joe Carter over at the ERLC.
  2. The Next Frontier in Pornography by Tim Challies.
  3. Three Takeaways from New Research on Americans and the Bible by Trevin Wax.
  4. Episode 88 of Preaching and Preachers: The Pastor and Writing with Matt Smethurst.
  5. Theologians on the Christian Life Media- Bethlehem College and Seminary.

Our writing team writes all over the internet for a variety of publications like Desiring God, TGC, and much here.

  1. Restore the Sweetness to Your Marriage by Stacy Reoach over at Desiring God.
  2. The True Colors of Perfectionism by Lara d’Entremont over at Unlocking the Bible.

Top Articles on Servants of Grace this week.

The top ten most read articles and media content on our website this past week.

  1. Episode 144– Jason Meyer– Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life: Doctrine and Life as Fuel and Fire
  2. Episode 143– Stephen Wellum—Christ from Beginning to End How the Full Story of Scripture Reveals the Full Glory of Christ
  3. Episode 139– Costi Hinn- Defining Deception: Freeing the Church from the Mystical-Miracle Movement
  4. Lloyd-Jones on the Christian Life: Doctrine and Life as Fuel and Fire (Theologians on the Christian Life) by Jason Meyer reviewed by James Williams
  5. If We Confess Our Sins by Kurt Strassner
  6. An Open Letter to the Hesitant Host by Rosaria Butterfield
  7. Five Benchmarks for Making Sure You Are Preaching God’s Word (And Not Your Ideas) by Mike Milton
  8. An Everlasting Kingdom by Justin Huffman
  9. When the Gavel Falls by David Steele
  10. The Word of Life by Alex Early