This is our weekly roundup of links for 3/11/2018-3/16/2019 from around the web. We hope you find the following articles helpful to your growth in godliness.

Our writing team writes all over the internet for a variety of publications like Desiring God, TGC, and much here.

  1. These Cuts Are Leading Us to Christ by Brianna Lambert over at GCD.
  2. We Are Naked And Don’t Know It by Justin Huffman over at Dead Men.
  3. Are You a Lowly Servant? by Lara D’Entremont over at Whole Magazine.
  4. Truth for Nervous Mothers by Brianna Lambert over at Risen Motherhood.
  5. Promoting the Work of Others by Christina Fox over at Reformation21.
  6. Truth that Comforts When It Doesn’t Feel Well with Your Soul by Brittany Allen over at Whole Magazine

The top ten most read articles and media content on our website this past week.

  1. The Weakness and Strength of Being an Autistic Christian by Daniel Michalski
  2. Village Poet by Laura Lundgren
  3. Jim Orrick– Mere Calvinism
  4. Being a Christian To Those Facing Grief and Loneliness
  5. Dayton Hartman–Jesus Wins: The Good News of the End Times
  6. Reflections on John 14 by Joseph Hamrick
  7. Pain and Passion in Ministry by Mike Milton
  8. Paul’s Prayer for the Ephesians by Christina Fox
  9. The Sealing Work of the Spirit: The Validation of God’s Work in Salvation by Mike Cooper
  10. Inheritance and Glory: How We Are Christ’s and Christ Is Ours by Hayley Sinclair
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