weekly roundupThis is our weekly roundup of posts for 10/12/2015-10/17/2015. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts.

Monday 10/12/2015-

Theological Fitness: Why We Need a Fighting Faith reviewed by Brian Cosby https://servantsofgrace.org/theological-fitness-why-we-need-a-fighting-faith/

Equipping You in Grace Podcast: Interview with Brian Cosby conducted by Dave Jenkins  https://servantsofgrace.org/2-dr-brian-cosby-uncensored-daring-to-embrace-the-entire-biblepodcast/

The Importance of Church Unity During Times of Warfare by Zach Barnhart https://servantsofgrace.org/the-importance-of-church-unity-during-times-of-warfare/

Tuesday 10/13/2015-

40 Questions About Baptism and the Lord’s Supper reviewed by Mike Boling https://servantsofgrace.org/40-questions-about-baptism-and-the-lords-supper/

Preparing for Spiritual Warfare by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/preparing-for-spiritual-warfare/

Wed 10/14/2015-

Telling God’s Story: The Biblical Narrative from Beginning to End by Mike Boling https://servantsofgrace.org/telling-gods-story-the-biblical-narrative-from-beginning-to-end/

The Full Armor of God by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/the-full-armor-of-god/

Thursday 10/15/2015-

Bavinck on the Christian Life: Following Jesus in Faithful Service reviewed by Zach Barnhart https://servantsofgrace.org/bavinck-on-the-christian-life-following-jesus-in-faithful-service-by-john-bolt/

Witnesses to Christ that Expose Unbelief and Prove The Claims of Christ from John 5:31-38 delivered by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/29-witnesses-to-christ-that-expose-unbelief-and-prove-the-claims-of-christsermon/

Spiritual Warfare and the In-breaking Kingdom by Jason Garwood https://servantsofgrace.org/spiritual-warfare-and-the-in-breaking-kingdom/

Friday 10/16/2015

The New Pastor’s Handbook Help And Encouragement For The First Years Of Ministry reviewed by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/the-new-pastors-handbook-help-and-encouragement-for-the-first-years-of-ministry/

Three Essentials of Discipleship According to Herman Bavinck by Zach Barnhart https://servantsofgrace.org/three-essentials-of-discipleship-according-to-herman-bavinck/

Saturday 10/17/2015

Parents: Avoid the Pick Your Battles Temptation by Mike Boling https://servantsofgrace.org/parents-avoid-the-pick-your-battles-temptation/

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