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Person and Work of Christ Recap

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Featured, Person and Work of Christ

indexOver the month of December, we have posted many articles here at Servants of Grace as part of a series on the person and work of Christ. The purpose of this series is to help our readers this holiday season to think through the doctrine of the person and work of Christ.

This series has aimed to help you grow not only in your knowledge of Christ and His work, but also how this particular doctrine is under attack. To this end, our contributors have aimed to help you understand who Christ is, what He has done, and what He demands out of us today. As we conclude this series, I encourage you to check out these posts. Maybe you read one or more of them, or none of them. Either way, I pray that Christ will become more precious to you in 2015.

I hope this series has encouraged you, exalted in King Jesus, and has helped you grow in the grace of God.

Here are the articles in order:

1)      How can Jesus be God and man? Part 1 by Matt Perman

2)      How can Jesus be God and Man Part 2 by Matt Perman

3)      How can Jesus be God and Man Final by Matt Perman

4)      Three Critical Truths about Redemption by Brian Hedges

5)      Christ and His Session by Nate Palmer

6)      Christ’s Humanity is the Shape of our Salvation by Jonathan Tomes

7)      Three Critical Truths about the Incarnation by Dave Jenkins

8)      The Centrality of the Cross by Dave Jenkins

9)      Understanding the Gospel: Justification by Matt Perman

10)  What does the Bible Teach about the Incarnation? By Dave Jenkins

11)  How to deal with guilt, condemnation, and shame with the gospel by Dave Jenkins

12)  Humanity Participates in Divinity by Jonathan Tomes

13)  Six Things Christ Accomplished in His Death by Matt Perman

14)  Christ our Substitute by Dr. Thaddeus Williams

15)  The Meaning of the Cross by Dr. Thaddeus Williams

16)  Christ, Forgiveness, and the Cross by Dr. Thaddeus Williams

17)  What is the doctrine of justification? By Matt Perman

18)  Why Justification by Faith Alone is Necessary for Good Works by Matt Perman

19)  The Death of Christ on the Cross by Dave Jenkins

20)  Three Critical Truths about Propitiation by Chris Poblete

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