This is our weekly roundup of links for 11/25/2019-11/30/2019 from around the web. We hope you find the following articles helpful to your growth in godliness.

Our writing team writes all over the internet for a variety of publications like Desiring God, TGC, and much here.

  1. Giving Thanks when Your Family Is Struggling by Laura Baxter over at TGC.
  2. A Christian’s Response to Discouragement at Work by Dave Jenkins over at Unlocking the Bible.
  3. How an International Partnership Could Benefit Your Church by Jen Oshman over at TGC.
  4. Gratefulness and Complaining by Marissa Henley over at Tabletalk.

The top ten most-read articles and media content on our website this past week.

  1. Making Church a Safe Place for Sorrow by Christine Chappell
  2. Derek Thomas- John Calvin for a New Reformation
  3. The Fruit of the Spirit Is, Part One by Katie Faris
  4. The Fruit of the Spirit Is, Part Two by Katie Faris
  5. The Irish and Baptist Identity of Thomas Patient by Micah Casewell
  6. I Was, and You… by Tim Shorey
  7. Gentle Restoration by Ben Wilson
  8. Bear One Another’s Burdens by Ben Wilson
  9. The Christian Grace of Thankfulness
  10. Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of Mankind by Owen Strachan reviewed by David Steele
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