weekly roundupThis is our weekly roundup of posts for 4/20/2015-4/25/2015. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts.

Monday 4/20/2015-

Honest Evangelism: How to talk about Jesus even when it’s tough reviewed by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/honest-evangelism-how-to-talk-about-jesus-even-when-its-tough/

Three Easy Ways To Share The Gospel by Matthew Fretwell https://servantsofgrace.org/three-easy-ways-to-share-the-gospel/

The True Meaning of Justice in the Workplace by Matt Perman https://servantsofgrace.org/the-true-meaning-of-justice-in-the-workplace/

Tuesday 4/21/2015-

Four Keys to Accepting Compliments Well by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/four-keys-to-accepting-compliments-well/

God’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation reviewed by Mike Boiling https://servantsofgrace.org/gods-battle-plan-for-the-mind-the-puritan-practice-of-biblical-meditation-2/

Seven Reasons Perspective is Key by Nick Batzig https://servantsofgrace.org/seven-reasons-perspective-is-key/

Wed 4/22/2015-

Kept For Jesus: What The New Testament Really teaches About Assurance Of Salvation And Eternal Security reviewed by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/kept-for-jesus-what-the-new-testament-really-teaches-about-assurance-of-salvation-and-eternal-security/

Three Keys For A Passionate Prayer Life by Matthew Fretwell https://servantsofgrace.org/three-keys-for-a-passionate-prayer-life/

Jesus, Servant of Sinners by Cody Barnhart https://servantsofgrace.org/jesus-servant-of-sinners/

Thursday 4/23/2015-

Jesus The Evangelist from John 4:1-10 delivered by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/20-jesus-the-evangelistsermon/

Teaching True Love to a Sex at 13 Generation reviewed by Mike Boiling https://servantsofgrace.org/teaching-true-love-to-a-sex-at-13-generation/

A Tip For Seminary Students by Mike Leake https://servantsofgrace.org/a-tip-for-seminary-students/

Friday 4/24/2015

Slogging Along In The Paths Of Righteousness Psalm 13-24 reviewed by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/slogging-along-in-the-paths-of-righteousness-psalm-13-24/

Christians around the digital water cooler by Dan Darling https://servantsofgrace.org/christians-around-digital-water-cooler/

The Emotionally Mature Church by Mike Leake https://servantsofgrace.org/the-emotionally-mature-church/

Saturday 4/25/2014

Ministry is a Tough and Light Burden by Dave Jenkins https://servantsofgrace.org/ministry-is-a-tough-and-light-burden/

The Things of Earth by Joe Rigney reviewed by David Dunham https://servantsofgrace.org/the-things-of-earth-by-joe-rigney/

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