holiness1Over the past month of February, we’ve considered the topic of Holiness here at Servants of Grace. As we’ve looked at this topic, I’ve received a number of email’s and responses to this series in particular on how helpful it was. I appreciate those comments. We aim with each series to be biblical, personal, and practical. The purpose of this series on Holiness was to help our readers think through what holiness is, and how to reflect the holiness of God through Christ in a sinful world.

Since the topic of holiness is by and large misunderstood in the Church today—we wanted to focus a whole month on this topic, not only for the benefits of our readers, but to think through this particular topic for our own lives as well. As we conclude this series with this recap, I want to encourage you—if you missed any of these posts—check them out, or revisit them if you haven’t read any of them.

I hope this series has (or will) encouraged you, exalted in Jesus, and helped you grow in the discipline of holiness through the grace of God.

Here are the articles in order:

1) Longing for Holiness by David Brainerd

2) The Beauty of Holiness by C. Walter

3) Directions to Walking with God: Learning from a Puritan by Brian Hedges

4) Three Ways to Pursue Purity by Dave Jenkins

5) Learning Holiness from Judas Iscariot by Zach Barnhart

6) Applying the Salve of Christlike Behavior to the Venom of Anger by Mike Boling

7) The Grace of God: Knowing and Obeying the Commands of Christ by Dave Jenkins

8) Four Ways To Think on What is Pure, Lovely, Commendable, Excellent, and Worthy of Praise by Mike Boling

9) Distinguishing Between Sanctification and Legalism by David Dunham

10) Cultivating Holiness Part 1 by Dave Jenkins

11) Holiness: Becoming a Vessel For Honor by Zach Barnhart

12) Cultivating Holiness Part 2 by Dave Jenkins

13) Cultivating Holiness Final by Dave Jenkins

14) Living as Awakened Sinners by Joey Cochran

15) The Need for the Bride of Christ to be Holy and Mature by Mike Boling

16) JC Ryle’s Holiness–A Review by Jason Helopoulos

17) Active Spirituality: The Relationship Between God’s Grace and Your Effort in Living the Christian Life by Brian Hedges

18) Sixteen Books I Recommend on Holiness in the Christian Life by Dave Jenkins

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