Discipleship-greenOver the past month of May, we’ve considered the topic of discipleship here at Servants of Grace. As we’ve looked at this topic, I’ve received a number of email’s and responses to this series in particular on how helpful it was. I appreciate those comments. We aim with each series to be biblical, personal, and practical. The purpose of this series on Discipleship is to help our readers think through what discipleship is and how to embrace the Cross of Christ in all of life.

The topic of Discipleship is a needed area of emphasis in the Church. Since discipleship is so important—we wanted to focus a whole month on this topic, not only for the benefits of our readers, but to think through this particular topic for our own lives as well. As we conclude this series with this recap, I want to encourage you—if you missed any of these posts—check them out, or revisit them if you haven’t read any of them.

I hope this series has (or will) encouraged you, exalted in Jesus, and helped you grow in the discipline of holiness through the grace of God.

Here are the articles in order:

1) Learning The Key to True Contentment and Joy in the Lord by Dave Jenkins

2) The Three Stages of a Believers Life by Nick Batzig

3) The Cross of Cross Displayed in Discipleship by Dave Jenkins

4) Five Integral Reasons Mature Disciples Sleep by Mathew Sims

5) The Glory of the Cross Displayed in Daily Following Christ in Everyday Life by Dave Jenkins

6) Jesus’ Absolute Call To Discipleship by Matt Perman

7) The Illuminating Work of the Holy Spirit in Daily Bible Reading and Discipleship by Dave Jenkins

8) Three Beliefs You Must Have To Grow A Healthy Praying Church by Dave Jenkins

9) Faithfulness, Focus, and Fruit by Dave Jenkins

10) Five Encouragements For Cultivate Holiness by Dave Jenkins

11) Four Essentials For Cultivating Disciples by Mathew Sims

12) Discipleship From The Beginning by Matthew Fretwell

13) Self-Sufficiency, True Christian Contentment and the Sufficiency of Christ by Dave Jenkins

14) Two Antidotes to Anxiety by Dave Jenkins

15) Five Signs You Might Be Making Disciples of Your Church Instead Of For Jesus by Jason Garwood

16) Reconciling The Call To Be Productive with the Messiness of Life by Matt Perman

17) Three Antidotes To Anxiety by Dave Jenkins

18) The Ultimate Antidote For Anxiety by Dave Jenkins

19) Wise Verses Foolish Responses by Mike Boiling

20) Starving Impurity and Praising God by Dave Jenkins

21) Blessed Are Those Not Offended by Christ by Jason Garwood

22) Dependent on Christ and One Another by Dave Jenkins

23) Living In Light of Our New Identity in Christ by Dave Jenkins


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