Category: Words to Remember

God Wants Single Women

On a recent walk around my neighborhood, I listened to a sermon on spiritual warfare from Dr. Eric Mason.[i] While discussing why Christians should put

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Served by Silence

Henri Nouwen wrote a hidden jewel of a book, The Way of the Heart, focusing readers on the spiritual disciplines of solitude, silence, and prayer.

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A Book of Comfort

In A Book of Comfort in Sickness, P.B. Power, P.B. writes, “Cheer up; God has a place for you. God has something for you to

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The Slave Is Our Brother

“I want my debit card back! Why can’t I have my debit card back?” Our 20-year-old son, Z., alternated between anger and puzzlement. Even the

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Eyes Up

I have a friend (Brittany Salmon, in case you’re wondering) that I get to spend short snippets of time with every few months. We live

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