weekly roundupThis is our weekly roundup of posts for 10/19/2015-10/24/2015. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts.

Monday 10/19/2015-

Ministry in the New Marriage Culture Edited by Jeff Iorg reviewed by Zach Barnhart http://servantsofgrace.org/ministry-in-the-new-marriage-culture-edited-by-jeff-iorg/

The Four All’s of Prayer by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/the-four-alls-of-prayer/

Tuesday 10/20/2015-

Three Critical Reasons the Church Exists by Mike Cooper http://servantsofgrace.org/three-critical-reasons-the-church-exists/

Equipping You in Grace Podcast: Prayer with hosts Jason Garwood and Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/3-prayerpodcast/

NIV Zondervan Study Bible (2015) reviewed by Craig Hurst http://servantsofgrace.org/niv-zondervan-study-bible-2015/

Wed 10/21/2015-

We Cannot Be Silent by Albert Mohler reviewed by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/we-cannot-be-silent-by-albert-mohler/

Eight Ways to Handle Contentions in the Church by Nick Batzig  http://servantsofgrace.org/handling-contentions-in-the-church/

Spiritual Warfare in the Realm of Assurance by Jason Helopoulos http://servantsofgrace.org/spiritual-warfare-in-the-realm-of-assurance/

Thursday 10/22/2015-

The Witness of Scripture to Christ from John 5:39-46 delivered by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/30-the-witness-of-scripture-to-christsermon/

The Pastor as Public Theologian: Reclaiming a Lost Vision by Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Owen Strachan reviewed by Zach Barnhart http://servantsofgrace.org/the-pastor-as-public-theologian-reclaiming-a-lost-vision-by-kevin-j-vanhoozer-owen-strachan/

Friday 10/23/2015

Three Keys to Sermon Listening and Note-Taking by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/three-keys-to-sermon-listening-and-note-taking/

Christians Get Depressed Too by David Murray reviewed by David Dunham http://servantsofgrace.org/christians-get-depressed-too-by-david-murray/

Saturday 10/24/2015

Covenant and Commandment: Works, Obedience, and Faithfulness in the Christian Life reviewed by Mike Boling http://servantsofgrace.org/covenant-and-commandment-works-obedience-and-faithfulness-in-the-christian-life/

Six Reasons Catechism Make Truth Stick by Zach Barnhart http://servantsofgrace.org/six-reasons-catechisms-make-truth-stick/