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Sinners In The Hands Of A Merciful God

To download or view the the issue as a PDF please click on: Sinners In The Hands Of A Merciful God Sin is a concept that is by and large discounted and even neglected in the Church. Not that many Pastors don’t preach on it—they do—it’s more that sin is an uncomfortable topic to talk about. Think about the last time someone pointed out sin in your life to you. Or the last time you were convicted of your sin by the Holy Spirit. No one enjoys having their sin pointed out to them or being convicted of their...

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Scripture: The Source of Truth in a Culture of Doubt

Scripture: The Source of Truth in a Culture of Doubt Over the past decade, I’ve spent considerable time studying the Bible in both an academic and personal setting. During this time, I not only learned a great deal about the Bible, but also about how the Bible is under attack through a multifaceted method from the scientific communities, theological liberalism, and secularism. Many people come to the Bible to merely investigate what it teaches, rather than to humbly submit to what it teaches. As I continued to study secular history and church history, I quickly realized that these attacks are not new, but rather a common reoccurrence throughout time—albeit with a new spin and a fresh face attached to them. When I progressed past the scrawny middle-schooler stage, I became very interested in studying doctrine and theology. As I continued to study the Bible into adulthood, I came to the conclusion that when a person views the Bible in the wrong light it affects the conclusions that he or she comes to regarding the person and work of Jesus Christ. During the Protestant Reformation, the Reformers returned to the Scriptures. Theologians call this return Sola Scriptura which means “Scripture Alone”. By their understanding of Sola Scriptura, the Reformers believed the Bible was inspired, inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient for training and equipping in the Word of God as Christians practicing...

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Christology: Christ, the Church, and the Christian Life

Christology: Christ, the Church, and the Christian Life Over the past six years I’ve lived in Boise, Idaho, an area that is predominately Mormon. Before this, however, I lived for 26 years in the greater Seattle, Washington area. While Boise’s predominate religions are Mormonism and Catholicism, in Seattle the most highly followed religions are liberal Christianity, Atheism (although some would argue that it’s not a religion), and New Age/Occultism. The difference in these cities couldn’t be starker. The variety of views throughout the United States and world regarding the person and work of Christ is massive. Many people view...

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