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Category: Godly legacy

Gospel Men are Gentle Men

Gentleness may not be the coolest of qualities among young men — and this is a travesty. Gentleness is a mark of a gospel soaked man. A man that is gentle, is one that has been smashed by the gospel. A prickly dude appreciates...

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The Gospel-Centered Husband

The opposite of a gospel-centered husband, I think, is a comfortable husband. The adjectives gospel-centered and comfortable don’t really fit together in a gospel-centered home.[1]  What is more, a comfortable husband might be...

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Godly Courage

One of the quintessential issues men face in every age is that of courage. I remember the first time I stood up to my father, a Lt. Colonel in the US Army and a physical therapist, when he was treating my mother poorly. You see,...

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