Author: Tim Nargi

The Split of 1054

Introduction Historians often pinpoint the fracture of the Christian Church to 1054 A.D. It is easy to apply such a label when members from the Eastern and Western churches were excommunicating each other. There is a definite act in a definite place at a definite time for historians to latch on to. But the act was symbolic of an already apparent split, a split that had been widening slowly over centuries. The final and formal split between the East and the West occurred slowly over time, long before 1054, and was primarily the result of cultural and intellectual differences....

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Adonai: Lord and Master in and over All

Editor’s note: The purpose of this series is to help our readers think through what the character of God is and it’s importance to the Christian faith. Dave opened our series by looking at the character of God and the inspiration of Scripture. Dave wrote on understanding the names of God. Dave wrote on El Roi, the God of Seeing. Mike wrote on the jealous of God. Dave wrote on Jehovah Sabaoth – The Lord of Hosts. Jason wrote on the God of Justice.  David Dunham wrote on Jehovah Shalom the Lord is Peace. Mathew Sims wrote on Knowing...

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The Practice of Puritan Meditation

There are times, many times, when my spiritual growth is stunted or non-existent. Perhaps it is the same with you. This may be because of your lack of meditation on the things of God. Meditation, traditionally a Christian practice, has gone by the wayside in today’s church and instead has been replaced by an Eastern understanding of the term.[i] The Buddhists and Hindus seek to empty the mind to become detached from the world. Many in the West have adopted this process today. Crucial to recovering a biblical understanding of meditation in the Christian life is studying how the...

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