Author: David Prince

Honor the Author and the Author of the Biblical Text

The uniqueness and supernatural unity of biblical revelation demands that all of the parts be read in light of the whole for a full and adequate determination of meaning. This interpretive assertion would seem straightforward for those who believe the Bible is God’s inerrant Word but some evangelicals contend that the interpretive meaning of a biblical text is limited exclusively to the original intent of the human author. Robert H. Stein boldly asserts, No book of the Bible claims God as its immediate author! Christians, of course, believe that behind the books of the Bible stands the living God,...

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To Focus on Jesus and His Resurrection—Spotlight the Bible

Do not believe anyone who tells you that the way to focus on Jesus and His resurrection is to take the spotlight off the Bible. The entire Bible is a blessing to the believer, not a burden. It is not an obstacle to effective evangelism; it is our divinely authoritative source of gospel truth. The Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave is the same Spirit that inspired the Holy Scriptures (Luke 16:19-31, Rom 8:11, 2 Pet 1:16-21). Scripture is not only the product of human authors but is also, and ultimately, the product of the divine author, representing God’s...

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Benchwarming for the Glory of Christ

Something great happened a few years ago during basketball season for one of my sons. He sat the bench. You may be thinking that such news sounds more like a cause for depression than celebration—and at the beginning of the season, my middle-school son would have agreed with you. The truth is, I do not want him to want to sit the bench. I want him to try with every ounce of his ability to earn a starting position. Yet, I also want him to know how to be a leader even when he finds himself sitting on the...

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