This is our weekly roundup of posts for 7/18/2016-7/23/2016. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts.

Monday 7/18/2016-

Betsy Howard– Seasons of Waiting Walking by Faith When Dreams Are Delayed

5 Ways to Listen to the Preaching of God’s Word by Jason Garwood

Tuesday 7/19/2016-

Dealing With Garbage Mouth Syndrome by Mike Boling

A Commentary on the Psalms Volume 3 (90-150) by Allen P. Ross reviewed by Craig Hurst

Wed 7/20/2016-

Habits for our Holiness by Philip Nation

Primacy of Preaching by James Forbis

Thursday 7/21/2016-

Dave Jenkins- Theology for Life: Pornography, Purity, and Sex Trafficking

A Conversation about the Doctrine of God Part One by Joey Tomlinson

Friday 7/22/2016

Bold Reformers Refuse to Compromise the Truth by David Steele

Habits and Confrontation Within the Church by David Dunham

Seeing Beauty and saying Beautifully: The Power of Poetic Effort in the Work of George Herbert, George Whitefield, and C.S. Lewis reviewed by Dave Jenkins

Saturday 7/23/2016

Spiritual Warfare and the Power of Scripture by Dave Jenkins

Five Things You Need to Know to Battle Conflict by David Schrock

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