This is our weekly roundup of posts for 12/19/2016-12/24/2016. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts.

Monday 12/19/2016-

Pro Rege: Living Under Christ’s Kingship, Volume 1 (Abraham Kuyper)reviewed by Zach Barnart

Guard the Good Deposit Entrusted To You by Jason Helopoulos

The Pain of a Failed Adoption and God’s Grace in the Midst of It by Dave Jenkins

Tuesday 12/20/2016-

The New York Times and the Pursuit of Truth in the Marketplace of Ideas by Dave Jenkins

God the Son Incarnate – Stephen J. Wellum reviewed by Zach Barnhart

The Book of Ruth: Background by Mike Boling

Wed 12/21/2016-

Serving a Movement: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City (Tim Keller) reviewed by Zach Barnhart

Rejoice in the Lord Always: Dealing with Anxiety by Mike Boling

Thursday 12/22/2016-

Peace and the Promises of God by Dave Jenkins

Friday 12/23/2016

Christmas: A Time to Turn To God by Matt Perman

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