sin-shorterEditors note: The purpose of this series is to help our readers understand what sin is, how serious sin is, and how great the grace of God, who offers redemption to sinners from sin and new life in Christ.


In March here at Servants of Grace, we’ve been considering the topic of sin. We live in a time where sin is often minimized or even ignored. A right understanding of the doctrine of sin will help us to not only see ourselves rightly in light of Jesus, but also to glory in the Christ. Furthermore, understanding the doctrine of sin will strengthen our witness, since it will help Christians put to death their sin, understanding that Jesus died in the place of His people and for their sin.

Through the gracious work of the Holy Spirit, Christians are convicted of sin, empowered to make much of Jesus for the purpose of being about His mission—seeing the lost saved and disciples made. A right understanding of sin will help the Christian to see the world, not as they want, but as it really is. It will also help Christians to understand God, revelation, humanity, Christ, his saving work, the church, and eschatology. It will help us as we engage in evangelism, missions, pastoral leadership, ministry, ethics, preaching, counseling, and much more.

The following list of books reflects, in my view, the best teaching on the doctrine of sin. Some are newer and some are older. The list is provided in no particular order. I trust you’ll enjoy them as much as I have.

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