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Many of you will not be surprised that one of my favorite activities to do outside of spending time with my wife or playing golf is reading.  This past year I read 145 books but here are some of my favorites that I think you should check out. Many of the books on this list were not published in 2010 but they are still well worth your attention.

1) What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert.  This is an important book that clearly articulates what the Gospel is and its importance for the Christian life. This is an especially important book given the popularity of the terms “Gospel-Centered” and “Christ-Centered”. This book clearly articulates what it means to be Gospel-Centered and Christ-Centered.  You can pick up a copy here:

2) Trellis and the Vine by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne. This is one of the best books on ministry I’ve read. In this book the authors explain the importance of what a ministry grounded thoroughly in the Gospel looks like and how to train disciples and pastors to be trainers for the sake of the Gospel. You can pick up a copy of the book at

3) Deep things of God: How the Trinity Changes Everything by Fred Sanders. This is a book that should be read by every Christian who is serious about studying the Bible. Dr. Sanders in this book clearly articulates how the Trinity is thoroughly Gospel centered and saturated. You can pick up the book at

4) For the Fame of God’s Name: Essays in Honor of John Piper is a book that needs to be read slowly and prayerfully. This book is written by a “who’s who” in the evangelical world.  It is written for the purpose of honoring the ministry service of Dr. John Piper and his contributions to the Body of Christ. You can pick up the book at

5) How People Change by Tim Lane and Paul David Tripp is one of the best books I read this year. If you’ve tried, failed in your Christian life you need to read this book. This book clearly sets forth the biblical pattern for change that doesn’t minimize Scripture but is thoroughly Scripture-saturated. You can pick up this book at

6) What did you expect? by Paul David Tripp is a book that every married couple needs to read. This book takes the Bible seriously and rigorously applies the Gospel to every area of one’s marriage. Reading book will help you to learn how to live with your spouse in a way that honors God.  You can pick up this book at

7) Marriage matters by Winston Smith is one of the best marriage books I’ve ever read. In this book Winston Smith outlines not only what marriage is but how to have a marriage that is thoroughly grounded in the Gospel, and how to live out the Gospel in one’s marriage. You can buy this book at

8- God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment by James Hamilton is an outstanding contribution to the field of biblical theology. Reading this book will help you to learn how God’s glory in judgment is played out throughout the Bible.  You can buy this book at

9) Bonheoffer Pastor, Martyr, Prophet and Spy by Eric Metaxas is one of the best written biographies I’ve ever read. In this book, Eric explores the life and impact of Dietrich Bonheoffer. You can buy this book at:

10) A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a distracting world by Paul E. Miller is a very helpful book that will help you learn and grow in your prayer life. In this book, Paul discusses why most of us don’t pray and the importance of prayer. You can buy this book at:

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