Over the past few months, I’ve been regularly listening to and enjoying podcasts. Since October of last year, I’ve joined the podcast explosion and started producing and creating content for our podcast Equipping You in Grace. I’ve greatly enjoyed recording these episodes and getting to know some of my favorite Christian authors.

In this post, you’ll learn about:

  • What you can expect from the podcast moving forward.
  • Why podcasts are a tool to aid you in your growth in Christ.
  • Why podcasts are not a replacement for membership and involvement in the local church.
  • Podcasts I enjoy listening to and a few thoughts on why I enjoy them.

News and Upcoming Episodes

I have a lot of exciting guests upcoming—some of which are confirmed and others that aren’t yet.

Here’s a list of the confirmed upcoming episodes:

These are but a few of the guests that here soon I’ll have a chance to interview for the podcast.

News About Recorded Upcoming Episodes

We also have a number of episodes that have already been recorded but haven’t been released. Starting the week of June 13th, we will have new episodes of the podcast releasing on Monday and Thursday at least through the summer if not longer.

These episodes include:

Along with all of this great content, we are also continuing to interview ministry leaders working in critical areas intersecting our secular culture and the Christian church. Upcoming, I have a recorded episode with Grant Castleberry the Executive Director of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood on CBMW, Complementarianism, and Ministry, along with an episode with Josh Buice, Director of G3 Conference, and Jason Garwood on How to Care for your Pastor.

If you haven’t already let me encourage you to subscribe to Equipping You in Grace via iTunes, Google Play, or your favorite podcast catcher. If you like what you’ve heard, please consider leaving a rating and review on Itunes, and share it with your friends (it takes only takes a second and will go a long way to helping other people find the show). You can also check out the archives of the podcast on our site.

Podcasts are a Tool for the Spread of the Gospel

While there are a lot of great podcasts to listen to, podcasts are a tool for the spread of the Gospel. Podcasts are not a replacement for regularly attending, becoming a member of your local church, and weekly sitting under the preaching of God’s Word.

If you struggle with sermon listening and note-taking I have an article I wrote on Three Keys to Sermon Listening and Note-Taking that many people have found helpful.

While we produce a lot of content (podcast, daily articles, book reviews, sermons, and a magazine) here at Servants of Grace, we do it all to serve and equip the Church. This is why podcasts, along with blogs and other forms of online media are only tools meant for the spread of the Gospel. They are not meant to take you away from involvement in the local church but to help you to grow while you continue to serve the local church.

Podcasts I Enjoy Listening To

Here’re the podcasts I listen to regularly when they release new episodes.

  • You Version: While not a podcast, I regularly listen to the You Version App on my cell phone for my daily Bible reading. This app allows me to spend regular time listening to and absorbing the content of the Bible into my own heart and life. You can find the You Version App for Android and iPhone here.
  • Am I Called: Only recently have I started listening to this podcast but what I’ve listened to so far has been great. Dave Harvey has guests like Dr. Moore and many others on to talk about issues related to ministry and calling. I especially enjoyed listening to my good friend Matt Perman talk about productivity, along with Moore and Jared C. Wilson. You can find out more about this podcast here.
  • Ask Pastor John: While Dr. John Piper is often the one answering questions, he often has other Christian leaders like Drs. Albert Mohler, David Powlison, D.A. Carson, and Tim Keller that provide helpful content to this podcast. Tony Reinke hosts this podcast and does a great job of asking the questions of his guests. You can find out more about this podcast here.
  • In the Room: This is a great podcast with a lot of great guests with host Ryan Huguley. While this podcast hasn’t been updated since the end of February due to Ryan recently moving to take a new pastor position the previous episodes are definitely worth listening to. Find out more about In the Room here.
  • Preaching and Preachers: This is a new podcast with Dr. Jason Allen with only a few episodes with guys that you want to hear from like Dr. Albert Mohler, Dr. D.A. Carson, Tim Challies, Jared C. Wilson, and Dr. Paige Patterson. Find out more about Preaching and Preachers here.
  • Reading Writers: My good friend Aaron Armstrong has only recently launched a podcast and I’ve enjoyed listening to the two episodes that have released so far. So far he’s had on Brandon Smith, J.A. Medders, and Tim Challies. I’m looking forward to the many conversations he’ll have with other Christian authors and thinkers here in the future. You can find out more about this podcast here.
  • The Briefing and Thinking in Public with Dr. Mohler: I greatly enjoy Dr. Mohler’s The Briefing. I listen to this podcast every time it updates and every time benefit from it. I haven’t listened to as many episodes of Thinking in Public but look forward to catching up with that podcast here soon. Find out more about the Briefing here. To find out more about Thinking in Public please go here.
  • Signposts with Dr. Moore: I enjoy the way Dr. Moore writes and speaks. In this podcast, he answers ethical, ministry, and Christian living questions. I’ve listened to quite a few of these episodes and have enjoyed them all. Find out more about this podcast here.

Final Thoughts

I’m greatly enjoying and benefiting a lot from listening to the Christian podcasts I’ve mentioned in this post. Here’re a few final cautions and encouragements:

  • Don’t let podcasts take you away from involvement in your local church.
  • Instead, view podcasts as a tool for your own growth in grace in order to spur you on in service in your local church.
  • Don’t let podcasts eat away at your own time in the Word.
  • Whether you read or listen to the Bible take time each day to spend in the Word of God.
  • Lastly, remember podcasts are a tool to spread the Gospel, to build up your faith so that you can serve the Lord wherever He has placed you for His glory.
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