rp_Romans-1-7-For-You-188x300.jpgThe book of Romans, specifically chapters 8-16, have been hailed by pastors, scholars, and theologians alike as the Apostle Paul’s magnum opus. Writing to non-Jewish Christians in Rome, Paul packs the letter with deeper theological truths. He hits at the heart of the gospel proclaiming that salvation comes from no one other than by the grace of God through the cross of Jesus Christ. This is what Pastor Tim Keller discusses his book Romans 8-16 For You, the second of two volumes on the book of Romans in the God’s Word For You series published by The Good Book Company.
The God’s Word For You series is not a critical commentary for deep study but serves as an excellent “lay” commentary for personal biblical study. Romans 8-16 For You follows the same philosophy of study. In this second volume, Keller does a good job explaining chapters 9-11, which are some of the most theologically challenging in all of Scripture. Many people want to pluck them out of context and discard or defend their teachings. Keller, however, explains them in the context of the previous eight chapters, along with the rest of Romans.

Romans 8-16 For You and the entire God’s Word For You series is an amazing resource for preaching, small groups, or personal study of God’s Word. The series aims to be Bible-centered, Christ glorifying, relevantly applied, and easily readable. Romans 8-16 For You hits that aim on the bullseye! This resource will help one to read, feed, and lead in their own ministry context. I highly recommend this book, and the series, to anyone seeking to study the book of Romans. It is a wonderful companion guide in personal Bible reading. What a treasure!

(I received this book from The Good Book Company through the Cross Focused Review program in exchange for an honest review of the book.)

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