Questions God Asks There can be no question the God of the Bible is omniscient (all-knowing). That fact is repeated like a mantra throughout Scripture. We find this truth taught in passages such as Isaiah 46:10, Psalm 33:11, and Isaiah 14:24. The plans of the Lord cannot be thwarted and His divine purposes will come to pass. Why then does He ask finite man questions at various points in Scripture? If God is indeed all-knowing, why does He ask man, “Why?” Israel Wayne, in his insightful book Questions God Asks: Unlocking the Wisdom of Eternity, sets out to answer that very question, one that indeed requires a response.

Wayne aptly comments in the introduction to this book that “We ask questions when we don’t understand a matter. God asks questions because He knows all matters infinitely.” Admittedly such a statement may create more questions than it answers but we must remember we are finite man and God is well….infinite and omniscient. Wayne astutely reminds the reader “God doesn’t throw inquiries to the wind; He aims them squarely at us.” The questions we find in Scripture are not a result of God’s lack of understanding. Conversely, they are purposeful questions directed at man to force those being questioned and by extension us as well to deal with our understanding of God and how we are dealing with various issues of life.

In his book, Israel Wayne engages 19 key questions noted in Scripture. Using salient biblical exegesis and relevant real-life examples to help the reader apply the concepts being presents, he discusses a number of key topics including origins (our relationship with our Creator), relationships, anger, marriage, faith and parenting. Each chapter, while short in length is replete with helpful insights into the original questions posed by God to characters in Scripture and how we should apply the answer God was seeking and driving home to the original hearer of that question to our own lives.

An example of the helpful analysis given by Wayne can be found in the chapter that deals with God’s interaction with Moses on Mt. Sinai, specifically the burning bush episode. When God appeared to Moses and spoke to Him regarding Moses being the one chosen to lead the Israelites out of bondage, Moses was not exactly what we can describe as a willing individual. In fact, he gave a number of excuses as to why he was most certainly not the most qualified man for the position. Wayne notes for the reader the important issue that is related to God’s question to Moses as to what was in his hand (i.e. his rod). This rod of Moses, while seemingly unimportant, became a tool in the hand of Moses that was used by God to do miraculous things. The underlying lesson one can learn in this particular story is noted by Wayne as being the fact that “When God calls you to a task, He always provides the means for you to be able to accomplish it.” One must simply respond in obedience.

This type of excellent exegesis and analysis of Scripture is provided throughout this book and thus I highly recommend this book for all believers. You will be challenged to pay special attention to the questions God asks throughout Scripture. I know as I read through Scripture I will be better prepared to understand the purpose of God’s inquiries as a result of reading Israel Wayne’s accessible and helpful book.

This book is available for purchase from New Leaf Press by clicking here.

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