Throughout church history there has been a consistent, if not defective, tendency to attempt to fix the problems within by forcing goats to behave like sheep. By demanding a work of righteousness before salvation, before even an explanation is given, effectively putting the cart before the horse. One prime example of this was the Purity Culture, which hit its fever pitch in the 90’s and has had some devastating affects. Unfortunately, the ideas promoted in that movement linger on, and need to be addressed. So, what to do? The obvious answer is to bring Kristin Everett onto the program so that she can single handedly solve all the woes brought on by Purity Culture. Listen in as she gives first hand examples, as well as many sent in to her via the mysterious “stitching” of TikTok videos, showing the sad state of works based religion masquerading as morality lessons for teens. We get into the nitty gritty as well as detailing solutions, and a far bit of theology to help negate this unhelpful teaching. Below is a timestamped outline incase you want to skip through, as well as links to Kristin’s social media, previous episodes, and famous TikTokery. Yes, I made that word up. Patten it, guys!

TS 00:01:35 – Why discuss this topic?

TS 00:03:00 – What is Purity?

TS 00:19:00 – Kristins experience with Purity Culture

TS 00:39:15 – My experience with Purity Culture

TS 00:41:20 – My husbands experience with Purity Culture

TS 00:51:15 – Where is the balance?

TS 00:57:35 – How do we share the grace of God in this?

TS 01:08:00 – How to rightly correct Purity Culture

TS 01:22:25 – How do we correct teachers who are teaching this?

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