Many issues have come to the forefront for Christians in recent years. However, I cannot think of an issue of greater importance than our view of the Word of God. This crucial matter is addressed by John Feinberg in his recent work, Light in a Dark Place: The Doctrine of Scripture. This is the latest installment in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology Series, which is also edited by Dr. Feinberg.

The Doctrine of Scripture (or Bibliology) is one of the branches of systematic theology and is the starting place for anyone who desires a thorough look at sacred Scripture. Indeed, our doctrine of Scripture frames our whole approach to the Christian life.

John Feinberg clearly and comprehensively outlines what Scripture, theology, and reason teach about the Word of God. He discusses in great detail the usual themes that occur in the study of Bibliology, including revelation, inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, authority, canonicity, illumination, perspicuity, sufficiency, and preservation. Each of these themes is subjected to careful study and analysis. Feinberg is meticulous in his approach and holds views that are Reformational, conservative, and informed by church history.

No stone is left unturned here. Light in a Dark Place is a massive piece of literature. Weighing in at nearly 800 pages, readers who desire an in-depth look at Bibliology will not be disappointed. Like the other volumes in the Foundations of Evangelical Theology Series, Feinberg’s work educates, encourages, and helps equip the next generation with the unshakeable, authoritative Word of God.

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