On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave Jenkins and Charles Wingard have a wide-ranging discussion about ministry leaders growing in grace themselves, serving others in their local churches, and equipping the people of God for ministry, along with his book, Help for the New Pastors: Practical Advice for Your First Year of Ministry (P&R, 2018).

What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Advice to men sensing a call to ministry and who have had some confirmation of a call to ministry from their pastors and ministries.
  • The importance of open and honest communication between men who sense a call with their pastor.
  • The importance of theological education for ministry.
  • Advice to a new pastor just starting out preaching his first few sermons to his congregation.
  • Some things for pastors to keep in mind when dealing with conflict in the church.
  • Some proper guidelines for pastors and church members to keep in mind as they engage in hospital or hospice care ministry.
  • Some of the best ways of dealing with challenging counseling cases in ministry.
  • Advice to pastors and ministry leaders on conducting their first funeral.
  • The importance of pastors and ministry leaders continuing to grow in the grace of God themselves.
  • Some of the best practices pastors and ministry leaders should engage in to remain faithful and effective in ministry.
  • The importance of pastors and ministry leaders opening their homes and engaging in hospitality.

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