Can I Really Trust the Bible?

Posted On October 15, 2014

If you have not noticed, we live in a culture that is hostile to the Bible and Christianity in general. One of the dominating criticisms of the Bible from non-Christians is it’s lack of verisimilitude, or the ability for it to contain absolute truth. This raises the question, “Can I trust the Bible?” Author Barry Cooper discusses this topic in his new book Can I Really Trust the Bible?, published by the Good Book Company.

Currently, the Bible is under fire from critics who claim that it is socially, culturally, and sexually out of date. According to these critics the Bible is an ancient book that does not have the capability to speak to the issues of the modern culture. For this reason, the critics argue, it cannot be trusted. In the book Cooper uses the illustration from Winnie-the-Pooh. In the story Pooh sees a jar with the word “Hunny” written on the side. Pooh is doubtful that the jar truly has honey inside, until he tastes what is inside the jar. For Pooh, the jar claimed to be honey, it seemed to be honey, and upon examination it proved to be honey. The same is true for the Word of God. Throughout the book Cooper asks three questions: “Does the Bible claim to be God’s Word?,” “Does the Bible seem to be God’s Word?,” and “Does the Bible prove to be God’s Word?”

In the end, the Bible is not only a book we read, but it reads us. For this reason, it is not simply a book of facts, but a book of faith. The Bible is a book that demands to be obeyed by faith because it is does not simply contain the Word of God, it is the very Word of God. It is not a book that can be dismissed and ignored.

Cooper does an excellent job condensing the arguments of this topic in a way that can be understood. Can I Really Trust the Bible? is a theological book that the average Christian will actually read. The “Questions Christians Ask” series is extremely helpful in answering pressing questions facing Christians today in a biblically-focused manner. I highly recommend this book and series to every pastor, professor, Sunday School teacher, and anyone else seeking answers to hard questions of the Christian faith.

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