Few issues are as important to the Christian life as understanding God’s will. A few examples of God’s will are that Christians preach the gospel, make disciples, and become like Jesus. In his book, The Mystery of God’s Will: What Does He Want for Me, well-known pastor, author, and conference speaker, Dr. Charles Swindoll writes to clear the air about what exactly God’s will is. As he does this he combines practical insights, humor, biblical teaching and unforgettable stories that will de-mystify, clarify, and put your mind to ease about the will of God.

The Mystery of God’s Will has two parts. In the first part the author looks at the buffetings of God’s will by exploring how the Christian can know God’s will from the Word of God. In part two, Dr. Swindoll examines the character of God, how God desires to grow people in His grace, open doors closed doors, and concludes the book with a better way to look at God’s Will.

In the final chapter the author states that Christians “should spend less time analyzing God and more time obeying Him” (206). His point is that when we find ourselves in situations that we don’t understand or cannot explain we should trust the Lord. As Dr. Swindoll rightly notes, “The will of God is primarily and ultimately concerned about our becoming like Christ. And in that sense, the will of God is a test. When He’s tried us, and we have responded in obedience (even though we don’t understand why), we will come forth as gold” (207). Whether you’re struggling with knowing God’s will or you’ve walked the long road of obedience to God, by His grace, for a long time, we all need the reminder that what God desires for His people is for them to grow in His grace.

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