#11: Where Satan Dwells[Sermon]

Join Dave as he continues our Revelation series looking at Revelation 2:12-17.

Daily Bites Of God’s Word on 2 Timothy 1:7

On this new Daily Bites of God’s Word, Andy discusses 2 Timothy 1:7 and helps us understand what this verse means and it’s importance.

Flattery is Not Encouragement

Lurking in the shadow of every good gift from God is a twisted perversion that seeks to imitate and destroy. These destructive copycats disguise themselves as good but are actually out to cause chaos and confusion. God creates healthy friendships as a gift, but sin...

The Meaning and Purpose of Biblical Inerrancy and Infallibility

On today’s episode, a listener writes in and asks Dave, “What Does it Mean that the Bible Is Infallible? What Is Biblical Infallibility?” What you’ll hear in this episode The Meaning of Inerrancy and Infallibility. History and Origin of Infallibility. Infallibility...

Cross-Minded Conduct and Conversation

As Paul wraps up his teaching portion of the letter to the Colossians, he shifts from the topic of how union in Christ is manifested in the personal lives of believers and in their relationships within the body to their public walk before an unbelieving and watching...

Theological Triage – 3rd Level Issues, Part 1

On this new By His Grace show, Andy and Dave discuss what third-order doctrines are, how important they are to study, and some guidance on how to exercise wisdom and discernment on third-order issues. What You Will Hear on This Episode What third-order doctrines are...

Peter Yi

Peter Yi is a MDiv student at Southern Seminary, and currently serves as the Lead Pastor of a multi-ethnic English ministry called Covenant Fellowship at a Korean Church in the Detroit Metro area under the Southern Baptist Convention. The church is partnered with both the State Convention and the local baptist association.As a strategic and directional visionary, he is passionate about raising up healthy, holistic, disciple-making disciples who are living as Abba loving, Holy Spirit empowered, Christ-exalting missionaries in their own cities, and in the region where he currently serves of Metro Detroit! He dreams of seeing authentic, diverse, and vibrant communities of faith and churches rise up all over the Greater Detroit Metropolitan Area.He loves black coffee, reading books in privacy, owning people at ping pong, watching short clips of sports cause he has no time, playing beautifully on the guitar, and telling jokes to people that he would have performed had he gone the stand up comedy route.