weekly roundupThis is our weekly roundup of posts for 5/18/2015-5/23/2015. If you have any feedback on how we can serve you our readers better, I would appreciate it.  Thank you for reading and allowing us to minister to you throughout this past week through these posts.

Monday 5/18/2015-

YOU CAN FEAR GOD or YOU CAN FEAR MAN by Chris Poblete  http://servantsofgrace.org/you-can-fear-god-or-you-can-fear-man/

Discipleship From The Beginning by Matthew Fretwell http://servantsofgrace.org/discipleship-from-the-beginning/

Saturate Being Disciples of Jesus in the Everyday Stuff of Life reviewed by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/saturate-being-disciples-of-jesus-in-the-everyday-stuff-of-life/

Tuesday 5/19/2015-

Spurgeon’s Sorrows: Realistic Hope for Those Who Suffer From Depression reviewed by Mike Boiling http://servantsofgrace.org/spurgeons-sorrows-realistic-hope-for-those-who-suffer-from-depression/

Self-Sufficiency, True Christian Contentment and the Sufficiency of Christ by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/self-sufficiency-true-christian-contentment-and-the-sufficiency-of-christ/

Wed 5/20/2015-

40 Questions About Creation and Evolution reviewed by Mike Boiling http://servantsofgrace.org/40-questions-about-creation-and-evolution/

Two Antidotes to Anxiety by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/two-antidotes-to-anxiety/

Thursday 5/21/2015-

Discovering Delight: 31 Meditations on Loving God’s Law reviewed by Mike Boiling http://servantsofgrace.org/discovering-delight-31-meditations-on-loving-gods-law/

More Than A Prophet: Jesus The Son of God Who Saves Man and Slays Sin from John 4:16-19 http://servantsofgrace.org/22-more-than-a-prophet-jesus-the-son-of-god-who-saves-man-and-slays-sinsermon/

Five Signs You Might Be Making Disciples of Your Church Instead of for Jesus by Jason Garwood http://servantsofgrace.org/five-signs-you-might-be-making-disciples-of-your-church-instead-of-for-jesus/

Friday 5/22/2015

Living Without Worry How to replace Anxiety with Peace reviewed by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/living-without-worry-how-to-replace-anxiety-with-peace/

Reconciling the Call to be Productive with the Messiness of Life by Matt Perman http://servantsofgrace.org/reconciling-the-call-to-be-productive-with-the-messiness-of-life/

Saturday 5/23/2014

How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible by Keith Ferrin reviewed by Craig Hurst http://servantsofgrace.org/how-to-enjoy-reading-your-bible-by-keith-ferrin/

Three Antidotes to Anxiety by Dave Jenkins http://servantsofgrace.org/three-antidotes-to-anxiety/