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Two Open Letters to My Fellow Millennials About their Parents

As a middle school math teacher, I have heard many groans from teenagers about their parents. I’ve also heard a growing number of complaints from millennials, my peers, lamenting the shortcomings of their parents. Their stories primarily fall into two general categories: those who parents profoundly sinned against their children, and those whose parents are profoundly annoying. I have written an open letter to each one. I pray they are both helpful. To the adult child whose parents wronged, abused or abandoned you: I’ve heard you say, “I hate my parents.” The brokenness in this world filters right down...

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Become A Disciple: Why You Should Make Friends With An Older Woman

How God Brought Me the Older Friends, I Needed The summer after my freshman year at college, I married, moved back to my hometown, and took college courses online. That fall when all my friends my age left for university, I experienced loneliness. We had been jumping from church-to-church, not developing any relationships. My days were spent in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere on a computer doing school work. The only communication I had on an average day was with my dog until my husband got home at 4:00 pm. In wearisome days, I questioned what...

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Empty Nest, Full Heart

Subaru has captured the quintessential where did the time go moment. In a recent commercial entitled Moving Out, a blonde-haired little boy packs up his belongings and puts them into the back of the family Impreza. His faithful puppy tags behind. Although way too young to venture out on his own, he remains undaunted in his task. He returns to his room for another box. Something feels strange here. His dad, looking out into the hall from a bedroom, raises an eyebrow when he sees an oversized box making its way down the stairs. His little boy, barely visible...

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Don’t Put Your Pastor’s Wife on a Pedestal

Your Pastor’s wife doesn’t belong on a pedestal. She belongs on the pew next to you. She is like you—a sinner in need of grace. Yet many of you have a false idea of her perfection. You think she perfectly submits to her husband, cooks hearty meals without a mess, disciplines her children with little work, mentors every woman in the church, and serves mightily no matter how busy she is. This sounds like Mrs. Proverbs 31, but perhaps we are missing the point. Your pastor’s wife may do a lot of the things mentioned above, but she only...

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Forgiveness and Confrontation with Spouse

Luke 7:36-50 Before my wife and I started dating, we sat down with one another to discuss our motives in dating. I wanted to find someone I’d wind up marrying. Earlier in my college years, I tried to date, but I concluded that dating had my heart more than my devotion to the Lord. I decided to put off dating until I graduated college. All throughout college, my focus was on preparing for seminary and leading college guys through the Bible. When my wife and I had our discussion about dating, we laid a lot of our sin out....

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