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Do Not Imitate Evil but Imitate Good

In the last blog post, we learned that John wrote his third letter to a man named Gaius who was his child in the faith and who was now the leader of a local church. In light of the testimony of some “brothers” who had been with Gaius and brought a good report of him to John and the church he served, John wrote to his beloved friend to encourage him and exhort him to continue pressing on in the work of exalting Jesus’ name among the nations. Along with this positive report, it seems that these “brothers” also...

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Be Fellow-Workers for the Truth

As is the case with 2 John, 3 John is a short but meaningful letter. It’s designed to pack one punch, and it does so with a force that can guide us in our lives with Christ if we’ll have ears to hear and hearts to receive what he has to say. Although this letter has a singular message, it comes in two parts, both of which are so significant that I will treat them in two blog posts rather than one. In this post, we’ll look at 3 John 1:1-8 and in the next post we’ll look at...

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