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Hit List: Taking Aim at the Seven Deadly Sins: An Interview with Brian Hedges

Recently I had an opportunity to endorse a new book “Hit List: Taking Aim at the Seven Deadly Sins” by my friend Brian Hedges. Here is what I said about his book: “We live in a culture in which spirituality is on the rise, including a resurgence in mysticism, Gnosticism, and every other -ism. Many are confused about what they believe and why it matters, and sin is often minimized or hidden. Hedges draws on the best wisdom of the church to help readers better grasp the seven deadly sins and how the gospel frees God’s people from them....

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6 Questions with Matthew Barrett about Credo Magazine

  If you haven’t heard of Credo Magazine, then you’re missing out. I recently interviewed Matthew Barrett, founder and executive editor, concerning this wonderful free resource.  If you’re looking for a free, biblically sound, Gospel-centered resource from a distinctly Baptist perspective, Credo Magazine is your resource:   What is Credo Magazine? Credo magazine is self-consciously Evangelical, Reformational, and Baptistic: Evangelical since it aims at being supremely Gospel-centered, exalting in the substitutionary death and historical resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ; Reformational as the gospel it promotes is defined by the solas of the Reformation; and while Credo magazine welcomes contributors from diverse ecclesial backgrounds, it seeks to especially celebrate those doctrines that mark the Baptist tradition. Credo is a free, full-color, digital magazine that is published bi-monthly and includes: • Articles by some of the best pastors and scholars today on the most vital and pertinent issues in Christianity. • Columns engaging pastoral issues in the church and monumental figures in church history. • Interviews with important pastors and scholars on both their ministries and their new books. • Reviews of some of the most recent books in Christian theology and literature.   How did Credo Magazine come about? The project evolved out of a desire to provide a resource for those in the church from a Reformed Baptist perspective. There are other magazines out there, such as Tabletalk and Modern Reformation, and...

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