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Hit List: Taking Aim at the Seven Deadly Sins: An Interview with Brian Hedges

Recently I had an opportunity to endorse a new book “Hit List: Taking Aim at the Seven Deadly Sins” by my friend Brian Hedges. Here is what I said about his book: “We live in a culture in which spirituality is on the rise, including a resurgence in mysticism, Gnosticism, and every other -ism. Many are confused about what they believe and why it matters, and sin is often minimized or hidden. Hedges draws on the best wisdom of the church to help readers better grasp the seven deadly sins and how the gospel frees God’s people from them....

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Decipha Morrissette: Spreading the Fame of God’s Name

Decipha Morrissette is a Christian Hip-Hop artist who seeks to spread the fame of God’s name everywhere he goes. He is an excellent artist with a 2000 year old message. His lyrics confront his hearers with their sin and the only cure for the sin disease: redemption by God’s grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Consider his answers to these six questions, and ask, “How can I help Decipha fulfill the ministry to which God has called him?” Tell us about your life growing up, how you came to Christ, and how you developed as an artist. Where did Decipha come from?   I grew up in a military household; moved around a lot. My mother never married my father. She married my step dad in 1994; he was a preacher at the time. I made a confession of faith in Germany at a church that invited people up to the altar. I was six at the time and understood that I needed to be good and well behaved and not lie cheat or steal, in order to go to heaven, based on the fact that Jesus died for my sins. Over time, and through my step dad, I began to develop a relationship with the Lord. I believe God had saved me then, despite my ignorance and palagianistic attitude towards his sovereignty. But it wasn’t until the summer of...

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