Author: Paul Tripp

How to Center Your Family on Christ During the Holidays

Be Proactive and Maintain Focus Here’s how you can survive Christmas as a family and not have your focus completely taken away: start early. Don’t wait until December 15th. Start talking about the fact that Christmas is coming and what this time of the year is really about. Stay focused. There are going to be all kinds of activities that can take your mind away from the glory of Christ and the humbling reality that Jesus came to rescue us from all the false gods that would capture our hearts. Be sure to look for ways to emphasize the...

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Four Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage This Christmas Season

Focus on the Gospel and Read Scripture If you’re a husband and wife and you want to have some kind of gospel incarnation sanity during Christmas, you’re just going to have to be intentional. Nothing in the surrounding culture is going to reinforce that—nothing you will see at the mall, nothing you will watch on television. You’re going to have to intentionally focus on the beauty of the gospel story that’s depicted in the birth of the Lord Jesus. You haven’t yet graduated from your need of what Jesus came to do. One of the things I would suggest...

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