Author: Lara Dentremont

Become A Disciple: Why You Should Make Friends With An Older Woman

How God Brought Me the Older Friends, I Needed The summer after my freshman year at college, I married, moved back to my hometown, and took college courses online. That fall when all my friends my age left for university, I experienced loneliness. We had been jumping from church-to-church, not developing any relationships. My days were spent in a small cottage in the middle of nowhere on a computer doing school work. The only communication I had on an average day was with my dog until my husband got home at 4:00 pm. In wearisome days, I questioned what...

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Three Ways the Holy Spirit Produces Change in Your Life

Who does the work of sanctification, the Christian or the Holy Spirit? As one who has struggled for years with anxiety, the question, “What is my role in overcoming this issue and where do I submit to God?” has often pressed on my mind. In seeking an answer together, we are going to explore this question through looking at daily Bible reading, local church membership, and prayer. God has used all three of these spiritual disciplines in my life, to help grow me in grace, especially in my struggle with anxiety. Specifically, the Lord has used daily Bible reading...

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