Author: David Sills

Sovereignty, Suffering, and the Work of Missions

The Sovereignty of God: How Suffering and Justice Meet If God is sovereign and all powerful, He must not be good. Or if He is good, then He must not be sovereign and all powerful. So reason many who believe that there should simply not be any suffering in the world. But even if they understand some suffering in the world, surely an all-powerful and good God would not allow any difficulty to come into the lives of those who are serving Him and His people. Those who reason in this manner are dumbstruck when missionaries suffer setbacks, sickness,...

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The Pastor’s Thought Life: Excellence

Paul calls the believer to discipline his thought life to be one of moral excellence, virtue, and purity. Excellence should characterize all we do for God. In my travels around the world, I have had many opportunities to visit and worship with other churches. As I do so, I am able to enjoy a fresh perspective of the sanctuary, music performance, and degree of precision or professionalism in which the services are conducted that a regular attendee may not notice anymore. I have found that I am most impacted by efforts of achieving excellence as opposed to those who...

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