Author: Bob Kellemen

What Is Gospel-Centered Counseling?

What is gospel-centered counseling? It seems today that as Christians we’re always using the words “gospel” and “gospel-centered,” but what does that mean, especially related to counseling and one-another ministry? What Gospel-Centered Counseling Is Not I don’t know about you, but I often learn best from the opposite. So perhaps we could all consider what is not gospel-centered counseling. And perhaps we could learn from the stereotypical critiques that some share about their perception of biblical counseling. Gospel-centered counseling is not one verse, one problem, one solution. We might call this approach the “concordance” approach. Someone shares with us...

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Who Titles Your Life Story?

Who Titles Your Life Story? Two Editors to Your Life Story Your life is a story. And two people seek to write the title to your story. Satan’s Shaming Story Satan seeks to title your life story using the lens of shame, guilt, sin, and condemnation. Satan’s story is the story of the law…which condemns. Christ’s Grace Story The Author of Life is the only One with the right to name your story. He—Christ Jesus—names your story through the lens of grace, forgiveness, the cross, justification, reconciliation, regeneration, and redemption. Christ’s story is the story of the gospel…that forgives...

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