Writing has long been a passion of mine. I first fell in love with writing as a teenager. Since that time, writing has become one of the chief ways of growing in grace for me. Some of the greatest thinkers of human history were recognized as great writers. They wrote articles and books that helped to shape future generations. Since I not only write but edit other people’s writing, I thought it might be helpful to write an article on the topic of writing to help my fellow writers.

First, you can be a good writer on your own accord, but I am convinced you can only become a great writer with the assistance of a trusted editor. When my wife and I first got together, she started editing my writing. She worked hard to help me improve my grammar and have better flow to my writing. In college and seminary, my wife edited all my work. While my wife rarely edits my work anymore as I have several other friends who do that now, I’ve learned a great editor is a writer’s best friend.

Second, since a great editor is a writer’s best friend, it goes without saying a writer need friends who are great editors. Writers need to be open to accept criticism. For me this was the hardest part of the equation. I invest a lot of time thinking and praying about what I write. At first, it was hard for me to accept criticism but that was because I was being prideful rather than humble. I now realize that accepting criticism is for my good, especially in relation to my growth in the grace of God.

Third, since writing requires accepting criticism and being humble, a good Christian writer will be one who loves to submit to the teaching of the Word of God, who prays for what they write, and who will read what they write. When I sit down to write an article, I ask the Lord to guide my fingers as I type on my laptop. When I do this and I don’t always do it every single time, I find that not only do I write articles quicker, they also turn out better. Recently, I’ve been spending more time in prayer about what to write about in turn realizing I have more to write about. I’ve also asked those who read what I write what they would like me to see me write on given I want to serve people through using my gifts to the glory of God.

Finally, what energizes my efforts at writing is the proclamation of the Gospel. Since the Gospel turns sinners from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, it goes to reason that this Gospel is the power that should animate any ministry that we do for God. On this point, I pray whether I am writing or speaking as Charles Spurgeon did before he went to the pulpit, that the Holy Spirit would direct my efforts. Doing this has helped me to write under the leading of the Spirit and to present not my ideas but God’s Word.  Approaching writing in this manner ensures that what God has stored in my heart through the Holy Spirit is used in my writing in a holistic way to help people learn to think through a biblical worldview.

In conclusion, write well, find a good editor, accept your editors criticism, be humble, and do all of your writing and ministry to the glory of God. Writing is hard work. Writing has for me been a means God has used to help me think through issues in a biblical manner, applying God’s truth to my own life. A good writer, much like a good preacher, will seek to apply the truth to their own life and then to their readers. Write well to the glory of God, for the praise of God, with a view to edify the saints and to advance the glorious gospel of grace to the nations.

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