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With Jesus: Finding Your Place in the Story of Christ – Brian G. Hedges (2017)

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With Jesus, by Brian G. Hedges is a book that invites readers on a journey of a lifetime. The gospel is weaved into the fabric of this story and helps readers understand the role that Christ places in individual lives. Hedges writes, “Whatever the shape of your life, whether your personal saga is comedy, tragedy, adventure, or soap opera, the gospel resounds with good news for all who believe: you’ve been inserted into a new story – the story of Christ. This book is about finding your place in the story of Jesus.”

The author is convinced that many people read the gospel “through the wrong lens.” Therefore, his goal is to help people read the Gospel narratives in a “gospel-centered way.”

The book begins with the birth of the self-existent Son of God in the manger. Hedges guides readers through the Gospel narratives and highlights each of the significant aspects of Christ’s earthly life from his baptism to Gethsemane, the crucifixion, the resurrection, ascension, and return. Each chapter includes well-thought-out observations about the person and work of Christ that both encourage and challenge.

Hedges work weighs in at 185 pages. Each page is packed with biblical wisdom and insight. The writing is pastorally challenging and theologically engaging. Many Puritans and stalwarts from church history are consulted, which only strengthens the punch in this already excellent study. The investment of time and energy in Hedges book will pay rich dividends and will shower a wealth of gospel-centered joy on each reader.

The lesson that stands out for me above all come in a few short sentences by the author:

“I have been gripped with this glorious truth: that in all of his obedience, Jesus was acting as our representative, husband, and head. If I am in Christ, then his achievements are counted as mine. What he accomplished, I accomplished with him.”

Readers are urged to plunge, prayerfully into this very well-written book and spend some time With Jesus.

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