What does the resurrection of Jesus Christ actually mean? Sure, most of us know that the resurrection happened. Most of us can point to the gospel story, knowing that Jesus was physically dead for three days before his body rose from the grave and He walked on the earth once again. How many people know the theological applications of this in the New Testament, though?

I bet that the answer is: not many. We seem to love the story of Jesus’s death, celebrating it on Easter, but do we realize that the resurrection is part of that celebration? We seem to be so focused on the death of Christ that we forget that He rose again. According to Dodson in his latest book, With a Mighty Triumph!, the resurrection is essential for the gospel message.

The gospel story is always before our sight, but that story is continued in 1 Corinthians 15, where the Apostle Paul goes into detail about what the resurrection means in the gospel. This is why Dodson’s book is subtitled: “Christ’s Resurrection and Ours.” Christ’s resurrection is not only essential to the gospel message, but it is essential to our eternal life.

Throughout the pages of this short book, readers will find an excellent introduction to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Taking 1 Corinthians 15 as his text, Dodson goes through that chapter verse by verse, explaining in clarity everything that Paul wanted to teach us through his words. These explanations are helpful and faithfully help the reader to understand the subject matter. Like many Christians today, if you struggle to understand the meaning of the resurrection and how it impacts your salvation, then Dodson’s book is what you need to read.

Each chapter is neatly arranged as Dodson progresses through 1 Corinthians 15. The chapter which most stood out to me, however, was chapter three. In that chapter, Dodson explains how Christ’s resurrection is the “firstfruits” and how there must be more fruit to come if He is the first fruit. Dodson then expertly argues that we, the Church, are the fruits that are to follow. This is because Jesus died so that Christians can put their old nature to death on the cross in His death. After this, we learn that Jesus rose from the grave, ensuring that our souls will reunite with Him in Heaven as His resurrection ensured our own resurrection. This well-argued and written chapter is worth the price of the book in and of itself.

While this is a book that should be well-received by all Christians, there is one very minor caution that I would advise to any potential buyers. In one paragraph, Dodson mentions his views on infant baptism. He is for infant baptism; therefore, it is only fair that (as a Reformed Baptist reviewer) I tell people that this view is in there. This does not detract from the book in any way and is primarily a side note, not completely divorced from the main body of his discussion. Overall, there is no spiteful intent on Dodson’s part towards Baptists in that paragraph; therefore, I shall return in kind by saying that this should not dissuade Baptists from reading his book.

You should get a copy of this book and get a few copies for some of your friends. This is a subject that is little spoken of in the church today (even on resurrection day). Yet, there is essential theology in the resurrection, which we all need to understand for even our daily living as Christians. Dodson will help you lay that foundation, and you will be thankful for what he helps you learn. Overall, this is a biblical and faithful treatment of the subject of the resurrection. If you are well versed in 1 Corinthians 15 and resurrection theology, you might not gain much from reading this book. If you, however, want to dive further into this theology and begin to learn, then look no further than Dodson’s new book With a Mighty Triumph!

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