On today’s Equipping You in Grace show, Dave Jenkins and William Boekestein discuss why Christians should study the end times, how a biblical understanding of heaven helps the Christian, along with his book, The Future of Everything: Essential Truths about the End Times (Reformation Heritage, 2019).

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What you’ll hear in this episode

  • Why should Christians study the end times.
  • How a good understanding of the end times help Christians to grow in the grace of God.
  • How a biblical hermeneutic help people to understand the prophets.
  • How a realistic, hopeful, and biblical perspective about death helps Christians to process their own end and the ends of those around them.
  • Advice for someone giving their first eulogy.
  • Why should Christians approach the topic of the 2nd Coming of Christ with awe and reverence.
  • What implications Paul’s teaching about the resurrection has for Christians today.
  • How the doctrine of hell should be used positively by Christians.
  • How a biblical understanding of heaven helps the Christian.
  • How the doctrines of the end times and the kingdom of God come together to help the Christian.
  • How does the mission of the church relate to the end times.

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