Posted On August 18, 2020

Christian universalism has been gaining ground in both the academy and the church. As this regrettable trend and theology heresy grows by the day, the responses have been few and far between. James W. Walraven presents a biblical rebuttal of Christian universalism in his recent book, Will God Save Everyone?

Dr. Walraven patiently guides readers on a journey that explores Christian universalism and each of the corresponding errors, most notably – religious pluralism, post-mortem salvation, and annihilationism.

The book is comprised of three parts. In part one, the author asks, “Is Salvation Universal?” Part two answers the question, “Will people be in hell for all eternity?” And part three focuses attention on eternal life with God on the new earth.

Instead of highlighting the various arguments in the book, I wish to commend the author for several things with a hope that many prospective readers will be captivated by his approach and dive into this excellent material.

First, the tone of the author is gracious and humble. Often times, books like this have a distinct edge and offend readers unnecessarily. To be sure, progressive Christians may disagree with Walraven’s conclusions. But the charge of arrogance will not stand with this author.

Second, the biblical stance and firm resolve are noteworthy. Dr. Walraven is clearly committed to the Sola Scriptura principle and believes that the Word of God is his highest authority. The authority of Scripture pulsates on these pages. There is no doubt where the author stands.

Third, Will God Save Everyone? is comprehensive and thorough. The author has done his homework and has meticulously connected the dots in church history, and painstakingly presents the case for conscious eternal torment in hell for every unbelieving people.

I heartily commend Will God Save Everyone? and trust that it will receive a wide readership. It takes over 300 pages and approximately 900 footnotes to answer the question posed in the book, but the answer to the question couldn’t be clearer: God will not save everyone. This is the clear teaching of God’s Word.

I received this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.

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