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Who & What I Recommend + What I Don’t

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Tulips and Honey

TS 00:07:00 – Podcasts Recommendations

Cave to the Cross Apologetics:

YouTube Channel:

Episodes with them:

Women of the Table:

Episode with them:

The Side Bar:

YouTube Channel:

The Bar Podcast:

YouTube Channel:

Episode with Dawain Akinson:

A Word Fitly Spoken:

Episode with them:

Voice of Reason:

Wretched Radio:


Church History Matters:

Episode with them:

Guys with Bibles:

Episode with them:

TS 00:12:45 – Podcasts not to listen to.

14:20 – Sleep patterns are really weird, this is a squirrel :)

24:40 – What websites I recommend for blogging

Veritas Domain with Pastor Jimmy:

Episode with him: 1 –

2 –

Michelle Lesley:

Episode with her about Beth Moore: Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Tom from ExCatholic4Christ:

Episodes with him: Part 1 –

Part 2:

Elizabeth Prata from The End Times:

Crissy from Walking by Faith:

The Reformed Reader:

Reasoned Cases for Christ:

More Ink Please Blog:

TS 00:28:45 – Shows I recommend:

Fighting for the Faith:

Answers News:

Interviewing Dr. Jason Lisle:


On the Box:


TS 00:32:45 Recommended shows not to watch.

TS: 00:35:15 – Books I recommend.

Pilgrims Progress:

Ten Commandments by Thomas Watson:

Life & Legacy of Susie Spurgeon by Ray Rhodes:

Interview with Ray Rhodes:

Book Review:

The Institutes by John Calvin:

The Gospel According to Jesus by John Macarthur:

TS 00:44:40 – Books that I do not recommend.

TS 00:46:50 – Movies I recommend

Polycarp the movie:

American Gospel 1 & 2:

AG YouTube Channel:

Interview with AG Directer Brandon Kimber:

TS 00:48:50 – A movie I don’t recommend.

TS 00:51:00 – List of my random favorites.

Favorite Patristic Father

Favorite Puritan

Favorite Theologian

Exposit the Word YouTube Page:

Pastors I recommend:

Dr. Steve Lawson’s Men’s Bible Study:

TS 00:55:10 – Fun Random Favorites

Favorite Concert

Favorite Sports Team

Favorite Store

Favorite Travel Assignment

Favorite Pizza

Through the Narrow:

For more information check out my website here:

or my Patreon here:

For questions, comments, recommendations, prayer requests, you can contact me on social media or via my email

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