I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Brandon Kimber, director of American Gospel: Christ Crucified & Christ Alone. A third documentary is due to release in 2021, and Mr. Kimber gave us a look into the inner workings of creating such works of theological genius.

If you’d like to find out more information, subscribe to his Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6cKwH8WYWgnowOr3469euw/videos

His website here: http://www.americangospelfilm.com

Below is a timestamped outline of the entire interview below, as well as more information at the bottom.

TS – 00:02:00 – Testimony

TS – 00:13:30 – How did you end up creating videos and documentaries?

TS – 00:15:00 – Have you seen any fruit from your family?

TS – 00:17:00 – Sp did you expect it to explode like this?

TS – 00:20:15 – How did you get these big interviews?

TS – 00:24:45 – What drove you to create the second American Gospel?

TS – 00:31:15 – Is the progressive-leaning slipping into solid churches?

TS – 00:35:15 – Will you be giving a historical look at heretical movements in the 3rd American            Gospel as well?

TS – 00:37:15 – What is your hope for the third documentary?

TS – 00:48:05 – What is the main danger you see for today’s church?

TS – 00:52:55 – Has the pandemic affected your ability to complete the third American Gospel?

TS – 00:55:10 – Have any interviews made you particularly nervous?

TS – 00:56:45 – Will you be bringing up some differing opinions in the next documentary?

TS – 00:58:40 – What does your recording team look like on the ground?

TS – 01:01:05 – What encouragement would you have for young aspiring directors?

TS – 01:05:00 – What type of storage space do you have to use for all this?

Listener questions:

TS – 01:07:00 – Karen asks what his position is on Cessationism.

TS – 01:10:20 – Emily asks if there will be an American Gospel Conference

TS – 01:14:15 – Silly Question: Where would you want to record in if you could pick?

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